Tsuruoka Park 鶴岡公園(鶴ケ岡城址公園)

For about 250 years, the Shonai Clan’s Saika family has considered Tsurugakayama Castle Site its residence. The remnants of the castle, such as moats, stone walls, and centuries-old cedar trees, evoke the historical presence of the castle. Throughout the four seasons, beautiful flowers bloom abundantly, and the park, selected as one of the “100 Famous Cherry Blossom Spots in Japan,” boasts approximately 710 cherry blossom trees. It is renowned as one of the premier cherry blossom viewing spots in the prefecture. The area around Tsuruoka Park, where historical sites and cultural assets converge, has also appeared in Fujisawa’s works, retaining a strong sense of the castle town’s atmosphere.
Here are the point of interests worth a visit around Tsuruoka Park:
Chido Museum
Shonai Shrine

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