“DEGAM” is a coined term that combines “DE” from the Dewa Sanzan, “GA” from gastronomy, and “M” from the management and marketing functions of DMO (Destination Management Organization). In Latin, “degam” is the future tense of the verb “degere”, which has for meanings: “to live” and “to endure”, words that evoke the rebirth journey of the Dewa Sanzan.

The General Incorporated Association DEGAM Tsuruoka Tourism Bureau is a team effort by various stakeholders involved in tourism, including local tourism associations, economic organizations, financial institutions, and government agencies. They work together to lead tourism strategies, promote Tsuruoka as a recognized tourist city worldwide, and make “tourism” one of the pillars supporting the local economy.

About the Certification of a Tourism Area Development Corporation (Registered DMO):

DEGAM was certified as a “Japanese version DMO Corporation” (now registered as “Tourism Area Development Corporation”) by the Japan Tourism Agency on March 31, 2020. As a DMO, DEGAM serves as the command center for coordinating various stakeholders and guiding the direction of tourism development in the region. It also works to enhance the satisfaction of tourists by developing second-tier transportation, tourist information centers, and other facilities that contribute to repeat visits. In addition to public service activities, DEGAM focuses on developing new products and services and works on creating locally generated products and travel-related services to boost the local economy.

About our activities as a Travel Business:

DEGAM, registered as Travel Business No. 3-296 by the Governor of Yamagata Prefecture on May 21, 2020, began its travel business on June 29, 2020, with the aim of expanding revenue-generating activities such as offering tourist products. Initially, they facilitate experiential tourism menus for local organizations with limited sales opportunities within the city and handle tourist product sales at tourist information centers. DEGAM collaborates with member organizations to develop tours and experiential menus that leverage Tsuruoka’s unique “spiritual culture,” “food culture,” and other local resources. They work on the development of “industrial tourism” to provide assistance in ensuring that many customers can enjoy these offerings.

Our current members

  1. Tsuruoka City Office
    997-8601, 9-25 Babacho, Tsuruoka City
  2. Tsuruoka’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    997-0035, 8-13 Babacho, Tsuruoka City
  3. Shoko Corporation
    997-0031, 2-60 Nishikimachi, Tsuruoka City
  4. Shonai Bank Co., Ltd.
    997-8611, 1-9-7 Honcho, Tsuruoka City
  5. Tsuruoka Shinyo Bank
    997-0035, 1-14 Babacho, Tsuruoka City
  6. Gassan Shrine, Dewa Shrine, Yudono-san Shrine
    997-0292, 7 Temuki, Haguromachi, Tsuruoka City
  7. Dewa Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    999-1121, 74-1 Nakamichi, Oyama, Tsuruoka City
  8. Asahimura Tourism Association
    997-0403, 3-1 Nabira, Ecchuyama, Tsuruoka City
  9. Atsumi Tourism Association
    999-7204, 306 Yuatumi ko, Tsuruoka City
  10. Oyama Tourism Association
    997-1123, 23-71 Tomoemachi, Oyama, Tsuruoka City
  11. Kameya, Ltd.
    997-0035, 1-5-50 Yunohama, Tsuruoka City
  12. Kinbozan Tourism Association
    997-0368, 203-1 Kogane CC, Shoryuji, Kitauchi, Tsuruoka City
  13. Kushibiki Tourism Association
    997-0332,  106-3 Sugishita, Nishi Araya, Aguri, Tsuruoka City
  14. Shonai Airport Building Co., Ltd.
    998-0112, 30-3 Murahigashi, Hamanaka, Sakata City
  15. Chido Museum Public Interest Incorporated Foundation
    997-0036, 10-18 Kachu Shinmachi, Tsuruoka City
  16. Tsuruoka Tourism Association
    997-0035, 8-13 Babacho, Tsuruoka City
  17. Haguromachi Tourism Association
    997-0211, 72 Togeji, Inshu minami, Haguromachi, Tsuruoka City
  18. Fujishima Tourism Association
    999-7601, 33-1 Sasabana, Fujishima, Tsuruoka City
  19. Mogamigawa Basho Line Tourism Corporation
    999-6401, 86-1 Furukuchi, Tosawa Village, Mogami District
  20. Yamagata Design Co., Ltd.
    997-0053, 23-1 Kitakyoden, Shimodorinosu, Higashihara, Tsuruoka City
  21. Yutagawa Onsen Tourism Association
    997-0752, 52 Yutagawa Otsu, inside Tsukasaya Ryokan, Tsuruoka City
  22. Yudonosan Sohonji Oami Dainichibo Temple
    997-0531, 11 Nyudo, Oami, Tsuruoka City
  23. Yunohama Onsen Tourism Association
    997-1201, 1-1-7 Yunohama, Tsuruoka City
  24. Yura Onsen Tourism Association
    999-7464, 2-14-55 Yura, Tsuruoka City
  25. Ryutakuzan Zenpoji Temple
    997-1117, 100 Sekine, Shitagawa, Tsuruoka City
  26. Elsan Winery Matsugaoka Co., Ltd.
    990-0034, 17-7 Higashiharamachi, Tsuruoka City
  27. Megurun Co., Ltd.
    997-0855, 120-2 Yachiji, Kinkoji, Tsuruoka City
  28. Nippon Travel Tohoku Shonai Branch Co., Ltd.
    997-0015, 6-17 Suehiromachi, Tsuruoka City
  29. Dewa Shonai Region Design Co., Ltd.
    997-0028, 8-15 Sannomachi, Tsuruoka City
  30. Nissho Junkan Co., Ltd.
    999-7463, 379-1 Tonda, Sanze, Tsuruoka City
  31. NPO Atsumi Nature Activities Coordinate
    999-7316, 51 Sakada, Oguni, Tsuruoka City
  32. Tsuruoka Join
    997-1204, 73-3 Kamoji, Kamo, Tsuruoka City
  33. Yosobei
    997-0841, 70 Nishino, Hakusanji, Tsuruoka City
  34. Inoue Farm Co., Ltd.
    999-7683, 14 Hakusanmae Watamae, Tsuruoka City
  35. Sanze Tourist Association
    999-7463, 138-8 Katada, Sanze, Tsuruoka City, Inside Sanze Community Center
  36. Tsuruoka Agricultural Cooperative
    997-0029, 3-1 Hiyoshi-cho, Tsuruoka City

Provisional members

  1. Kobato Tourist Association
    999-7462, 53-1 Hamada, Kobato, Tsuruoka City, Inside the Community Hall
  2. All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. Shonai Branch
    998-0112, 30-3 Murahigashi, Hamanaka, Sakata City, Inside Shonai Airport Building
  3. East Japan Railway Company Tsuruoka Station
    997-0015, 1-1 Suehiro-cho, Tsuruoka City
  4. Mikawa Town Tourist Association
    997-1301, 85 Nishida, Yokoyama, Mikawa Town
  5. General Incorporated Association Yamagata Prefecture Hire Association Tsuruoka Branch
    997-0042, 5-15 Niigatamachi, Tsuruoka City, Inside Dewa Hire