Chidokan, the Clan School 致道館

Established in 1805 by Sakai Tadaari, the Chidokan Clan School was a response to his discontent with the declining moral values in society. Driven by the aim to elevate the manners, knowledge, and overall quality of both warriors and citizens, Tadaari founded this school, dedicated to imparting Ogyû Sorai’s Confucianist doctrine with great thoroughness.

Originally situated in front of the present-day Tsuruoka Station, the first Chidokan Clan School later relocated to the vicinity of Shonai Castle in Tsuruoka Park in 1816. Beyond standard classrooms and libraries, the school boasted facilities for archery practice and a horse riding track. Unfortunately, the school met its demise in 1873 due to the Boshin War, which marked the end of the Shogunate and the feudal lord system.

Despite its closure, Chidokan’s Clan School earned recognition and historical significance, finding a place on the National Historical Monuments list in 1951.

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