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Our new brochure, "Niigata-Tsuruoka: La Route Gastronomique du Japon" about our two cities gastronomy has been released. (French only for the moment)

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A travel off Japan's beaten tracks

Tsuruoka, a little city hidden deep down Yamagata Prefecture's mystical nature, is nothing like you have ever seen in Japan before. Its calm, mysterious and traditional atmosphere will let you know what rural Japan is about, far from the over touristic places you maybe have already seen.


Japan's "Gastronomy Capital"

Tsuruoka's gastronomy is a gourmet and historical treasure for the world to protect. This is one of the reasons why it belongs to the UNESCO Creative City's network since 2014. As of 2018 November, Tsuruoka is the only city of that kind in Japan.



Legends that are still living today

Whether it is legends around shugendo or stories that gave birth to local festivals, Tsuruoka is still perpetuating ancient stories.

For example, Mekke Inu, the dog who saved Oyama village by slaying the evil monsters, or Sugawara no Michizane are celebrated during big festivals.


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