Kamo Aquarium 加茂水族館

Located just 20 minutes away from Tsuruoka Station and a mere 8 minutes from Yunohama Onsen, Kamo Aquarium is renowned as the “number one jellyfish-specialized aquarium in the world.”

The aquarium’s stellar reputation is attributed to its impressive display of jellyfish species, boasting the successful reproduction of over 60 different types by the dedicated aquarium team. This accomplishment is a result of the continuous efforts of the scientific team, led by Director Mr. Okuizumi Kazuya, who tirelessly researches innovative ways to enhance the jellyfish’s environment.

In addition to the captivating jellyfish exhibits, Kamo Aquarium also features an extensive collection of local sea creatures, including seals and sea lions, making it a comprehensive and fascinating destination for marine enthusiasts.

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