Shonai Taisai 荘内大祭

This annual festival takes place during October (specific dates may vary) at the Shonai Shrine. Attendees have the opportunity to witness historical reenactments and religious ceremonies that pay homage to the legacy of the Shonai Clan.

About the Shonai Clan:

The Shonai Shrine is dedicated to the spirits of the Sakai Family, who were the lords of the Shonai region from 1622 to 1868. Renowned for their commitment to education and military prowess, the Sakai Family, as leaders of the Shonai Clan, played a significant role in local history. During the Boshin War (1868), the Shonai Clan, loyal to the Tokugawa shogunate, valiantly fought without suffering defeat until the very end. Their unwavering commitment continued until they ultimately surrendered following the defeat of their allies, notably the Aizu clan. With the establishment of the Meiji government, the shogunate system was dismantled, and local lords lost their titles. Consequently, the Shonai Clan’s castle, Tsurugaoka-jô 鶴ヶ岡城, was dismantled in 1871. In 1877, the Shonai Shrine (Shonai-jinja 荘内神社) was erected on its grounds to commemorate the Sakai family and the legacy of the Shonai Clan.

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