Chido Museum 致道博物館

Established in 1950 by a descendant of the Sakai family, the clan that governed the region until the 19th century, the museum serves as a hub for disseminating local knowledge and preserving the history of the Shonai Clan. Nestled within Tsuruoka Park, the museum is notable for housing the National Important Cultural Property—the former Tsuruoka Police Station, easily recognizable by its vibrant blue exterior. Interestingly, the station was initially white before its restoration, but research on the original paint revealed its historical blue hue.

In addition to the distinctive police station, the museum includes another National Important Cultural Property: the Shibuya Family’s thatch-roofed house. Within the various museum buildings, visitors can explore extensive collections of local historical artifacts spanning from Prehistory to the Early 20th century. The museum stands as a testament to the rich heritage of the region and the Shonai Clan’s historical legacy.

Warning: Some buildings might be closed during the winter season. We recommend you visit the museum during the green season.

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