Dainichibo Temple 湯殿山総本寺 瀧水寺大日坊

According to legend, Kobo-Daishi (or Kukai), the founder of Shingon Buddhism, a specific esoteric school of Buddhism in Japan, is said to have personally constructed this temple in the year 807.
Within this temple, there lies the mummy of Shinnyokai, preserved since 1786. As per the temple’s monks, Shinnyokai chose the path of monkhood after realizing his involvement in an accident that led to the death of two children. However, scholars argue that he became a monk due to his alleged participation in the murder of two men. The question arises: whose account do you choose to believe?
In addition to the preserved mummy, the temple boasts an extensive collection of Buddhist statues, the ancient 1800-year-old cedar tree known as Odan no Sugi (皇壇の杉), and relics associated with the Tokugawa Family.

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