Mt. Atsumi’s Pilgrimage 温海嶽の巡礼

Atsumi is said to have been founded by the creator of Shugendo himself: En no Gyoja. Walk upon its sacred Shugendo paths.

Required Time5h
Danger levelCaution advised
*Dangers include:Bear presence, Heat strokes, Slippery slopes, Slippery when raining, Fallen trees
Difficulty level (for beginners) Moderate
Equipment needed● Water
● Hiking shoes
● Rainwear
● Sun hat
● Hiking sticks
● Food or snacks

Difficulty levels have been designed for people who have a PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) score inferior or equal to 60. Experienced hikers or persons with a PAI above 100 can withdraw two cases to know the average difficulty for their fitness level. Example:  Trails noted “Hard for beginners” correspond to “average” trails for experienced hikers or people with a PAI above 100.



1. This sign tells you where to start your pilgrimage

2.  Continue straight

3.  You get a view on Atsumi Onsen

4.  You step inside the forest

5. Continue straight

6. There is a map in Japanese of the surroundings

7. Fill in your water bottles at the Kowa springs

8. Kowa Shimizu (Kowa Springs)

9. Cross the bridge at the Ichinotaki falls

10. Turn right at this sign

11. Don’t forget to write down your name

12. Get inside the forest

13. Cross the bridge

14. Continue straight

15. Cross another bridge

16. Spot the “Encounter falls”

The Deai no taki 出会いの滝 designates two falls that join in the same stream, making them look like lovers.

17. Climb the ladder

18. Cross another bridge

19. Climb the stairs

20.  Spot the Sanno Falls

21. Use this spring to fill in your bottles

22. After a while, you arrive at the Kumano Shrine

23.  A little further, Mt. Atsumi’s viewpoint

24.  Go down

25. The tracks are narrow and some trees have fallen

Please be very careful when doing down the route.

26. Come across the Babasugi

“Grandma cedar”

27. Buddhist stele

28. This sign indicates you are near the end

29. This spring is the last spot of this hiking trail

Otsukaresama deshita! お疲れ様でした!”Congratulations for your efforts!”