Atsumi’s Rose Park あつみ温泉ばら園

From June to October, the picturesque rose garden in Atsumi graces visitors with no fewer than 90 rose varieties and a dazzling array of 3000 roses in full bloom. The zenith of this blooming spectacle unfolds in June, offering a splendid opportunity to savor the beauty of these delicate blossoms. During this enchanting month, a local artisan of frozen delights crafts exquisite rose-shaped sorbets, adding a touch of whimsy to the experience. To commemorate this splendid sight, the onsen villagers come together to organize a “bara-matsuri” or “rose festival.”

The rose garden encircles the lower Kumano shrine, providing a serene and beautiful backdrop to this sacred place. For those seeking a deeper connection with nature and spirituality, the main Kumano shrine can be reached by embarking on the picturesque Mt. Atsumi hiking trail, ensuring a harmonious blend of natural beauty and cultural reverence.

Spot Information

Rose-shaped ice cream at the adjacent Rose Garden Cafe