Rokujurigoe-Kaido: From Dainichibo Temple to the Nanatsu Falls 六十里越街道:大日坊から七ツ滝まで

Leave the mummies village to go back to the Rokujurigoe-Kaido forests.

Required Time1.5h
Danger levelCaution advised
*Dangers include:Bear presence
Difficulty level (for beginners) Easy
Equipment needed● Water
● Hiking shoes
● Rainwear
● Sun hat
● Hiking sticks

Difficulty levels have been designed for people who have a PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) score inferior or equal to 60. Experienced hikers or persons with a PAI above 100 can withdraw two cases to know the average difficulty for their fitness level. Example:  Trails noted “Hard for beginners” correspond to “average” trails for experienced hikers or people with a PAI above 100



1. Start from Dainichibo temple

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2. Follow the path on the right of the red sign


3. You spot this stele that indicates the location of the Odan no sugi

4. The giant stele on the left indicates the presence of the Odan no Sugi

5. You see the Odan no Sugi

6. Odan no sugi

The Odan no sugi 皇壇ノ杉 is a giant cedar tree which age is estimated beyond 1000 years old. It is said Emperor Keiko’s son is buried under the tree.

7. Go for Dainichibo’s graveyard

8. Dainichibo’s graveyard

9. Follow the paved road

10. A sign tells you the direction to go to go to Tamugimata village

11. Follow the path

12. You enter a beech forest

13. Continue

14. You arrived at the Sainotoge

The Sainotoge 塞ノ峠 ruins are those of a former pilgrim teahouse that was once thriving. This is the proof of the popularity the Rokujurigoe-kaido had among the pilgrims at the time.

15. Follow straight

16. You arrive at a pond

17. Follow the dirt road on the left

18. You come by this flag.

19. Below is the village of Tamugimata

20. Follow the path to Tamugimata village


21. You arrive by a road. This sign indicates a spring that is not for use anymore.

22. Further, the NanakamadoTei inn.

Stay here if it’s late or if you want to have lunch.

23. Cross the road

Soon you’ll arrive by a river

24. A stele tells you you’re in the right direction

25. You cross a river

26. Soon, you arrive at a village with two big thatch-roofed houses.

This is Tamugimata village. Follow the path up the village to find the next entrance to the Rokujurigoe-kaido pilgrim trail.

27. After a while, you come by the Arikoshizaka entrance

This is the entrance you will need to take to get to Mt. Yudono. But we suggest you take a look at the Nanatsu falls before heading for the last step of the pilgrimage.

28. A little further the Arikoshizaka: the Nanatsu Falls

One of Japan’s 100 most beautiful waterfalls.