Mt. Haguro’s Five-Storied Pagoda 国宝羽黒山五重塔

The Five-Storied Pagoda was built between 931 and 937, but the current pagoda is a reconstruction from 1369 (the pagoda burnt in a big fire a few years before). The metallic spike at the top of the pagoda is called a sôrin 相輪, and Mt. Haguro’s pagoda’s sôrin dates back to 1377.
It is 29 meters tall, and each roof is covered in wood shingles (kokerabuki 杮葺き). It was designated a National Treasure in 1966.

It used to contain Buddhist statues of Mt. Haguro’s bodhisattvas (Shôkannon 聖観音, Kundali 軍荼利, and Myôken 妙見). They were removed in the 1870s after the government ordained Dewa Sanzan’s conversion to Shintoism only, and replaced by statues of the Shinto god of commerce: Okuninushi no Mikoto 大国主命.

*Maintenance works on Mt. Haguro’s pagoda from May 2023 to May 2025 (outside winter season)
Mt. Haguro’s pagoda will be under maintenance works from May 2023 to May 2025 outside the winter season.
Scaffolds, tarps and other devices might hinder the view on the pagoda. However, the scaffolding will be removed during snowy season so our visitors can appreciate the view of the snowy pagoda as usual.

Notice of the Roof Replacement Work for the National Treasure Hagurosan Five-Story Pagoda in FY2024National Treasure Hagurosan Five-Story Pagoda: The shingled roof has been under renovation since last year. The scaffolding was dismantled in November in preparation for the winter season, but construction is expected to resume on May 13 (Mon.), 2024.

Construction schedule for FY2024: May 13 (Mon.) to September 30 (Mon.), 2024.
*The schedule may change depending on weather and other conditions.

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