Ideha Bunka Museum いでは文化記念館

Located at the base of Mt. Haguro, this museum also serves as the dispatch desk of the Haguromachi Guide Association, where Yamabushi guides are available. However, it is essential to make a reservation at least three days in advance of your visit. The museum tells the story of the Yamabushi of the Dewa Sanzan, showcasing an array of tools and garments associated with the various mountains. Periodically, it hosts special exhibitions delving into topics such as the religious divergence between Shinto and Buddhism over the Dewa Sanzan (“shinbutsubunri” in Japanese) and other themed events.

In the entrance, coin lockers are provided for securing your heavy belongings before embarking on a hike up Mt. Haguro. The coin lockers can be used for the same day only. If you need to have your belongings taken care of for longer periods of time, please ask the reception desk for their baggage-handling services. Additionally, visitors have the option to borrow rain boots at no cost or Yamabushi canes (known as kongozue in Japanese) for a nominal fee of 100 yen per person.

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