Koganedo (Shozen’in Temple) 黄金堂(正善院)

Shozen’in Temple’s Koganedo Hall, once designated as a National Treasure, is currently recognized as a National Important Cultural Property.
As the sole remaining temple of the Hagurosan Shugendo School of Buddhism, Shozen’in Temple actively preserves and upholds the Dewa Sanzan Yamabushi tradition.
Within Konagedo, numerous Buddhist statues, originally belonging to Dewa Sanzan before its conversion to Shintoism in 1868, can be found. Notable among these is a pair of colossal Nio gods that once guarded the Nio gate at the entrance of Mt. Haguro (now referred to as Zuishinmon gate).
Please note that visits to Shozen’in Temple are closed during the snowy months, typically from November to March (subject to change depending on snow conditions).

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