Shozen'in Koganedo Shôzen'in Koganedô 正善院黄金堂


Area: Haguro

Distance from the station: 20 minutes (by car)

Type: History/Spiritual


Shozen'in Temple's Koganedo Hall was once a national Treasure but is now classified as a National Important Cultural Property.

Shozen'in Temple is the only remaining temple of the Hagurosan Shugendo School of Buddhism. It plays an active role in protecting and keeping the Dewa Sanzan Yamabushi tradition alive. 

Inside Konagedo, you will find many Buddhist statues that belonged to Dewa Sanzan before it got converted to Shintoism in 1868, such as the two giant Nio gods used to guard the Nio gate at the entrance of Mt. Haguro (currently known as Zuishinmon gate). 

The visits are closed during the snowy months (November to March, subject to change depending on snow).



Koganedo's gate 

Enter Koganedo's gate and discover the pilgrim's hay sandals exposed on the wall as a wish of luck for their pilgrimage.


Secret Buddhist statues collection

Photos are forbidden inside Koganedo. But you will discover a secret collection of Buddhist statues related to Dewa Sanzan.


Basic Info

Entrance fee: Free

Open hours: 9:00 to 17:00

Closed days: From November to March (vary following the amount of snow)

Address:  Touge-232 Haguromachi Touge, Tsuruoka, Yamagata 997-0211

Phone number: (+81)235-62-2380



Go by bus

Tsuruoka Station ↔ Koganedo-mae 黄金堂前

Koganedo in pictures

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