Genso no Mori, the “Forest of Illusions” (Tozawa Village) 幻想の森

Near the Mogami-gawa Gorge, in Tozawa village, lies a notable site known as the ‘Forest of Fantasy.’ This woodland is home to ancient cedar trees, each boasting an age of over 1000 years. Nestled in a secluded spot, the forest offers a serene ambiance. Well-maintained walking paths, covered with wood chips, ensure easy exploration without worries of losing your way. It has gained popularity as a destination for those seeking a tranquil retreat and photography enthusiasts.At an elevation of 260 meters, the ‘Forest of Fantasy’ becomes inaccessible to vehicles from late December to early May due to heavy snowfall. Even if the entrance to the forest road seems snow-free, it’s essential to note that higher elevations may still retain snow cover. Hence, it’s advisable to refrain from entering until an official notice of accessibility is issued.A few times a year or on demand, outdoor yoga/meditation classes are led in the forest, guided by Masayo Ueno, a former doula who runs a yoga classroom in Tsuruoka City.

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