Tsuruoka’s Food Calendar

The city of Tsuruoka is located in Yamagata Prefecture’s seaside region: the Shonai region. The Shonai region is blessed with a rich natural environment that allows you to experience the changing seasons to the fullest in Japan. It is abundant with various seasonal ingredients, such as mountain vegetables and mushrooms from the mountains, rice, bamboo shoots, edamame, and other local delicacies cultivated in the fields, as well as seafood like cherry salmon and cod from the sea. Throughout the year, you can enjoy a diverse culinary culture that makes the most of the flavors of the season.

Tsuruoka’s food culture has been cherished and passed down for centuries and was recognized as a “UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy” in December 2014. The “heirloom crops” that local farmers have preserved for centuries, along with their cultivation methods, encompass over 60 different varieties and have captivated visitors as “living cultural treasures.”

We encourage you to savor the seasonal cuisine at ryokans, hotels, and local restaurants in the city.

Discover Tsuruoka’s:

Spring delicacies

Summer delicacies

Autumn delicacies

Winter delicacies