Tsuruoka’s saké 庄内の地酒

Yamagata Prefecture won the championship at the 2023 Japan Sake Awards with 20 brands receiving gold awards, making it the best sake in Japan!

Tsuruoka is located on Yamagata Prefecture’s coast to the Sea of Japan, a region called: “Shonai.”

The Shonai region became one of Japan’s leading rice-producing areas through extensive development during the 17-19th century. However, in the winter, the rice fields in Shonai are covered with large amounts of snow, making agriculture impossible. As a result, the farmers chose sake brewing as their winter occupation. Combined with that historical experience, the cold climate of the snow-covered region, along with the clear waters running from the melted snow upon Mt. Chokai and the Dewa Sanzan sacred mountains, also contributed to the suitability of Shonai’s abundant natural environment for producing delicious sake.

Among Tsuruoka’s beloved breweries, you will find:

-Takenotsuyu (located in Mt. Haguro)
-Watarai (located in Oyama)
-Dewanoyuki (Oyama)
-Tomizu (Oyama)

And many more! Come taste them all!

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