This charming farm-to-table restaurant is owned by the warm-hearted Japanese proprietor, Mrs. Chonan Mitsu. Recognized for her thoughtful approach to food, Mitsu was honored in the “100 Best Farmer-Lodge Okaasan” by the Japanese government in 2009. Central to her philosophy is the cultivation of vegetables and rice on her own farm, ensuring the highest quality of ingredients for her customers. Mitsu staunchly avoids additives, relying instead on natural elements to enhance the flavors of local cuisine.

By exclusively preparing local dishes with homegrown vegetables, Mitsu aims to impart the allure of Tsuruoka’s rustic traditions to her patrons. Notably, Mitsu is adept at adapting her meals for vegans and vegetarians. It is advisable to inform her of any dietary restrictions, specifically regarding animal products, including bonito powder, when making a reservation (動物性食品, dôbutsusei-shokuhin).

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