Saikan is a Shinto pilgrim lodge and lunch restaurant located within the premises of the former Buddhist temple called Shôon’in, constructed in 1697. After the religious separation between Shinto and Buddhism in 1868 (1869 in Haguro), the building underwent conversion to Shintoism and was renamed Saikan.

A significant site for Shinto yamabushi during their retreat training, Saikan plays a crucial role in various ceremonies. For instance, it serves as the location where the yamabushi concludes the Shoreisai ceremony by partaking in the Nishi sushi.

Chef Ito Shinkichi presents his interpretation of Dewa Sanzan shojin-ryori daily, offering a Shinto version of the originally Buddhist dish. This culinary endeavor aims to pay homage to the magnificence of nature. While shojin-ryori can be prepared as a vegan dish, it is essential to notify Chef Ito Shinkichi three days in advance if you have specific dietary preferences.

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