Okimizuki is the restaurant situated within Kamo Aquarium, recognized as the largest jellyfish-themed aquarium globally. The establishment is led by Suda Takeshi, a seafood chef renowned for his exceptional skills in preparing sole sashimi and his expertise in handling fugu fish (blowfish).

Chef Suda holds the national diploma required for safely cooking fugu fish for patrons, ensuring there is no risk for those tempted by this renowned delicacy. Among Chef Suda’s notable creations is the fugu sashimi artfully arranged into the shape of a crane, showcasing his culinary mastery.

In addition to his expertise in seafood, Chef Suda is celebrated for his innovative approach to Tsuruoka’s traditional dishes, incorporating them into modern menus. One such creation is the Kitamaebune Gozen menu, introduced in 2021. This menu pays homage to the culinary discoveries and innovations brought to Tsuruoka by merchants sailing along the Kitamae maritime road from the 18th century to the early 20th century.

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