Yunohama Onsen, which history goes back 1,000 years ago, is a coastal hot spring resort where hotels and inns line the coast of the Sea of Japan. Its origins are traced back to the legend that in the years 1050’s, a bleeding turtle soothed its wounds in the hot water that welled up by the seaside. The vast sandy beach and the setting sun over the Sea of Japan create breathtaking scenery. Some accommodations offer the opportunity to enjoy the sunset over the Sea of Japan while bathing.

In the surrounding area, you can find the Zenpoji Temple : one of Japan’s 3 Main Soto Zen Buddhist Temples, the Kamo Aquarium, Oyama village and its sake breweries, and easy access to Shonai Airport and the Yamagata Expressway.

Near the Kameya ryokan and not far from the beach, there is a popular foot bath and a drinking fountain. The foot baths are designed with accessibility in mind and are appreciated by the elderly. Some inns such as Tatsunoyu also offer day-use hot spring services, don’t hesitate to use their baths after a visit to the aquarium or to Zenpoji for example!

List of hotels/ryokan/inns


NamePhone numberCapacity (persons)Address
Kameya0235-75-2301400Yunohama 1-5-50
Yukaitei Miyajima0235-75-2311210Yunohama 1-6-4
Yunohama Hotel0235-75-235925Yunohama 1-3-36
Yusuitei Isagoya0235-75-2211261Yunohama 1-8-7
Takeya Hotel0235-75-2031250Yunohama 1-9-25
Ikkyu0235-75-212166Yunohama 1-10-29
Tatsunoyu0235-75-2241130Yunohama 2-4-47
Hamaakari0235-75-213475Yunohama 1-26-4
Hotel Tetraresort Tsuruoka0235-76-3800250Shimogawa-ji Shojiba 358-3
Hanayubi Nihonkai0235-75-2021300Shimogawa-ji Kubohata 1-523
Seiyo Saryo0235-75-21889 roomsYunohama 1-25-1


NamePhone numberAddress
Fukuhokan0235-76-2936Yunohama 1-9-34
Hamaizumi0235-75-2418Yunohama 1-12-31
Shirahamaya0235-75-2275Yunohama 1-15-7
Masagoya0235-75-2057Yunohama 1-19-26

Bicycle rental “Wakame”!

Duration: From April to November 30th

Hours: 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM Note: If returned by 5:00 PM, the deposit will be refunded (Deposit System)

Fees (Per Day):

  • Electric Bicycles: ¥2,500 per unit (Including tax and a  ¥1,000 deposit)
    • Includes 4 units of mama-chari type and 4 units of sports type.
  • Geared Bicycles: ¥1,000 per unit (Including tax and a ¥500 deposit)
    • Includes 4 units of mama-chari type.

Where? Yunohama Hot Spring Sightseeing Information Center 湯野浜温泉観光協会 (Google maps)

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