Kandara matsuri: Black cod soup festival 寒鱈祭り

“Kandarajiru,” also known as “Dongara Jiru,” is a representative winter delicacy of Tsuruoka. It involves cutting the fatty winter cod caught in the harsh waves of the Japan Sea into chunks and cooking it in a pot with miso seasoning. This dish is designed to be savored to the fullest during the winter, symbolizing Tsuruoka’s resilience against the biting cold waves of the Japan Sea.

To celebrate the enjoyment of Kandarajiru, an event is held annually, welcoming around 20,000 visitors. On the day of the event, numerous stalls gather, and from the large pots, piping hot white steam rises, earning high praise as each mouthful warms the core of the body. Since each stall has its unique flavor, visitors can enjoy comparing the different tastes.

Furthermore, the event showcases Tsuruoka’s local products and winter flavors. Additionally, there is a simultaneous exhibition of specialty products from neighboring prefectures, including Niigata, Akita, and North Ibaraki. This provides an opportunity to experience and enjoy the winter flavors from nearby prefectures all in one place.

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