Edible Chrysanthemums “Mottenohoka” もってのほか/もって菊

Edible chrysanthemum (mottegiku もって菊) is a staple summer/autumn dish in Tsuruoka, eaten cold marinated in a sweet-sour sauce. The petals are tubular, and the flowers are semi-double or double, giving them a medium size. There are two varieties of mottegiku: purple and yellow.One of the distinctive features of the Akigiku is its crisp and crunchy texture due to the tubular shape of the petals. It is also known for its subtle fragrance, sweetness, and a hint of bitterness. The name of the dish “mottenohoka” (“unbelievable”) is said to have originated from the idea that “it is unbelievable to eat the chrysanthemum, symbol of the Imperial Family” or from the notion that the chrysanthemum is “unbelievably delicious.”