Matsugaoka's Silk Farms Matsugoka kaikonjô 松ヶ岡開墾場


Area: Haguro

Distance from the station: 13 minutes (by car)

Type: History


Tsuruoka City, in Yamagata Prefecture, was once the heart of the Shonai Domain, a warrior clan that pledged loyalty to the Tokugawa Shogunate during the Edo Period (1603-1868). After the Boshin War had defeated the shogunate system, the Shonai Clan samurais were referred to as renegades. To get rid of their bad reputation and restore its old clan's honor, they decided to take part in the new government's industrial effort and chose to put every bit of their energy into silk-farming. They wanted to control every step of the fabrication process: from the cultivation of mulberry leaves for the silkworms to feed on to weaving to the manufacture of finished products. 


In 2017, the samurais' silk farms: Matsugaoka's Silk farms were registered as a "Japan Heritage." Today, visitors can see the machines used for more than 150 years and still active and discover how our samurais worked, since we always use the same techniques. The history of Tsuruoka's silk and the transmission of ancestral knowledge were some of the reasons why Matsugaoka became a Japan Heritage.


At Matsugaoka's Silk Farms, visitors can discover in the "Archive Building" (shiryôkan 資料館) how the Samurai Silk is still produced by visiting the differents wooden buildings that compose this 19th-century historical site.



Samurai Silk shop ​サムライシルク販売店

The Samurai Silk (Japan Heritage) can be bought under three different brand names: Kibiso, Tsuruoka Silk and Makinu.


Matsugaoka's Cherry Trees

Matsugaoka Silk Farms have one of the most beautiful sakura sightseeing spots in Tsuruoka. From mid to late April.


Silk Shrine ​蚕業稲荷神社

This shrine located in front of the lord's main office was built in 1875. It was made a "Silk-protecting shrine" in 1895.


Silk Workshop 

Silk awakens creativity! Decorate your own silkworm cocoon, make a clay Jizo-sama statue, or do ikebana..!


Basic Info

Entrance fee: 350/adult (free for children)

Open hours: 9:00 to 16:00

Closed days: Every Wednesday (if Wednesday is a national holiday, closed on the following day instead)

Address:  29 Haguromachi Matsugaoka, Tsuruoka, Yamagata 997-0158

Phone number: (+81)235-62-3985



Go by bus

Tsuruoka Station ↔ Matsugaoka Kaikonjô

Matsugaoka's Silk farms in pictures

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