Kamo Aquarium

World's largest Jellyfish aquarium!

20 minutes away from Tsuruoka Station and 8 minutes away from Yunohama Onsen, you will find Kamo Aquarium, the aquarium often referred to as the "number one jellyfish-specialized aquarium in the world

Kamo Aquarium owes its reputation to the number of jellyfish species displayed to its public: more than 60 species have been reproduced with success by the aquarium's team.

A prowess that was made possible thanks to the scientific team's efforts and the director Mr. Okuizumi Kazuya, who is continually researching new ways to improve the jellyfish's environment.

Besides the jellyfish, the aquarium also displays an extensive collection of local sea creatures including seals and sea lions.


Okimizuki Restaurant 沖​海月

In this restaurant located inside the aquarium, you will find fugu sashimis, fresh sushi, sashimi, jellyfish ramen or jellyfish, Japanese conger eel tempuras... And so much more!



Guiding & Study room

Many volunteer guides are willing to make you understand jellies. Inside the aquarium, you will also find a "study room" with microscopes and live stream cameras to learn about baby jellyfish.


Have fun

interact with the sea animals

Feed the seagulls, watch a jazz concert in front of the giant round jellyfish tank, watch the seals have fun in the outdoor area...  There are many ways to have fun in Kamo Aquarium!


Basic Info

Entrance fee: 1000 yen/adult, 500 yen/child

Open hours: 9:00 to 17:00 (entrance accepted until 16:30)

Closed days: None

Address: Okubo-657-1 Imaizumi, Tsuruoka, Yamagata 997-1206

Phone number: (+81)235-33-3036

Website: https://kamo-kurage.jp/

Facebook page: 

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Kamo Aquarium in pictures

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