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Kamo Aquarium

The biggest aquarium specialized in jellyfish in the world

     Kamo Aquarium, also called Kuragetarium (kurage 海月 means jellyfish in Japanese) was built in 1930, but specialized in breeding jellyfish species after its renewal in 2008. Its director, Okuizumi Kazuya, fell in love with jellies when he was a student, as he took care of jellyfish species for his part time job. 

Jellyfishes are very sensitive creatures, very hard to breed. Elsewhere, the breeding success rate of those animals is very low. Temperature has to be fully mastered, the water in the tanks has to circulate constantly, and the food sources fully understood to allow jellyfish to survive in captivity.

Thanks to the hard labour of the breeders and the scientists working at Kamo Aquarium, more than 50 species of jellyfish (the biggest number of jellyfish species every bred in captivity in the world) are successfully bred there. Kamo Aquarium's aim is not only to display those minsunderstood creatures' beauty to the world, but also to facilitate the learning of jellyfish by a large number of people, with scientific equipments such as breeding tanks and microscopes usable by the public.

What's so special about Kamo Aquarium?




See what's the difference between a river salmon and a sea salmon, learn the traditional squid fishing methods or touch one of the molluscs displayed in the "free-to-touch" area.

Learn the differences in shapes, colors, movements, diet, growth of every jellyfish species present in the aquarium, and check by yourself the different steps of a jellyfish's life through a microscope.

Inside the aquarium, there is Okimizuki 沖海月 restaurant, held by Chef Suda, a master of fugu fish cuisine.

Besides the magnificent and refined fugu fish cuisine, you can also choose to eat one of the several jellyfish dishes served. Will it be a jellyfish ramen noodle soup? Jellyfish sashimi? A jellyfish icecream? Jellyfishes served as food are also bred in the aquarium. Or will you go for a fresh fish sashimi bowl or a fugu fish karaage croquette?

Kamo Aquarium's 5m diameter jelly tank is the biggest jellyfish only tank in the world. Feel free to use the space to relax, take pictures, or just contemplate the jellyfishes.

There is so much to see and learn in Kamo Aquarium we recommend you to plan at least 1h30min to complete the visit so you can fully experience serenity and to let you hypnotize by jellies' graceful dance.


Bus departure time (from Tsuruoka JR Station Tsuruoka Ekimae, bound for Yunohama Onsen)

  • 8:37

  • 10:42

  • 13:02

  • 14:47

  • 16:02


There are two bus lines for Yunohama Onsen. One transiting through Zenpoji Temple and one to Kamo Aquarium. The bus via Zenpoji doesn't stop to Kamo Aquarium. Thus, please make sure you get in the bus bound for Yunohama that departs at the hours noted beside.

Opening hours

Open: Everyday (no closed days)

From: 09:00 to 17:00 (the reception desk closes at 16:30)

Special summer opening hours (from July, 28th to August, 19th) : 09:00-17:30 (the reception desk closes at 17:00)


> 15 years old: ¥1000

< 15 years old : ¥500

< 5 years old : Free

Only in Tsuruoka

Art Forum

An art gallery that puts the emphasis on local identity

     Artists expose there their paintings, statues, modern creations, etc., that represent or were influenced by Shonai region.


Paintings representing Dewa Sanzan, pieces of clothes using samurai silk or contemporary hina dolls... Each of them is a reference to the region.


Feel the identity of Shonai region and immerse yourself in an enchanting art bubble. 



Please get off the bus at Art Forum Mae (âto fôramu mae アートフォーラム前): the closest stop, or Tsuruoka City Office (Tsuruoka shiyakusho mae 鶴岡市役所前) : 5 min. walk,  or even Chido Museum (chido hakubutsukan mae 致道博物館前) : 7 min. walk. 

Opening hours

Closed on: Every Monday (+ Tuesday if Monday is a national holiday), national holidays and from December 29th to January 3rd

Open : 09:00 to 21:30 

Special summer opening hours (from July, 28th to August, 19th) : 09:00-17:30 (the reception desk closes at 17:00)

Fare : free

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