Gyokusenji Temple Gyokusenji Temple 玉川寺

Area: Haguro

Distance from the station: 20 minutes (by car)

Type: Spiritual


Gyokusenji Temple was first built in 1251. It belongs to the Soto School of Zen Buddhism.

It is famous for its Zen garden, listed in the National Monuments of Scenic Beauty registry since 1982.

Every fourth Sunday of the month, at 7:00 am, the temple organizes zazen classes (800 yen/person, on reservation). It also proposes its version of the shojin-ryori as well as goma-dofu (sesame tofu) cooking classes.



Gyokusenji's garden

What's more relaxing than a Zen Buddhist garden? Have a peaceful moment at Gyokusenji with Teko-chan the temple's cat.


Buddhist Shojin-Ryori

Have a Buddhist Shojin-Ryori at Gyokusenji and learn how to chant the "Gokan no ge" thankfulness prayer.


Basic Info

Entrance fee: 400 yen per adult (200 yen per child)

Open hours: 9:00 to 16:00

Closed days: None

Address:  Tamagawa-35 Haguromachi Tamagawa, Tsuruoka, Yamagata 997-0121

Phone number: (+81)235-62-2746



Go by bus

Tsuruoka Station ↔ Otorii 大鳥居. Walk 1.1km to Gyokusenji temple

Gyokusenji in pictures

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