Yuzusame shrine   Yuzusame-jinja 由豆佐売神社


Area: Yutagawa

Distance from the station: 20 min.

Type: Spiritual



This shrine was first built in 650 (the current building is a reconstruction from 1775). Until the 19th century, it was a place of conjoined Buddhist and Shinto practice.

The shrine's territory was widely rearranged after the Meiji Restauration in 1868 to separate Buddhism and Shintoism in this place. The final constructions were finished in 1882.

There is a giant Breasted Ginkgo Tree (chichi-icho 乳銀杏) in front of the main shrine that is worshiped as a holy tree.


Yutagawa Onsen.jpg

Yutagawa Onsen

Yutagawa Onsen 湯田川温泉


Yutagawa's plum park

Yutagawa Bairin Koen湯田川梅林公園

There are 300 plum trees in this park, ready to bloom in early April


Yuzusame's Breasted Tree

Chichi ichô 乳銀杏

This "breasted" Ginkgo Tree is a Prefectural Natural Monument (Yamagata Pref.) 


Mt. Kinbo in pictures

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