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aSAHI REGION's wild forests

     Asahi region, down Tsuruoka's interior city, is known for many things: its thatch-roofed houses, its flowers, its cherry blossoms and gorgeous autumn red leaves, but more importantly for its historical road: Rokujurigoe kaido 六十里越街道. The Rokujurigoe road was first used 1200 years ago to link all the surrounding areas to the holy mount Yudono (hence its secondary name: yudono michi, "the path to Yudono"), where pilgrims went from all over the country to inhale Dewa Sanzan's sacred spirit. Its difficulty (for a trekking path) and its wildness (it's not rare to encounter wild beasts) really challenged pilgrim's faith to get to Dewa Sanzan. To complete the trekking up until Mount Yudono, follow the security instructions written on Rokujurigoe kaido's official English page.

     Tsuruoka, circled with Japan sea, the mounts and the plains, offers all kind of landscapes to see.

       With its very marked seasons (very snowy winters, cool springs, very hot summers and mild autumns), Tsuruoka's nature is rich in variety and colors. Its beauty and its greatness is one of the reasons why Shugendo's spirituality emerged in the first place.

       Besides that, the Nature in Tsuruoka is so beautiful it has a lot of sites registered as Natural Monuments.


There are 9 National Natural Monuments protected by Japanese government in Tsuruoka.

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