Minakami-Hachiman shrine   Minakami-Hachiman jinja 水上八幡神社


Area: Yutagawa

Distance from the station: 25 min.

Type: Spiritual



This shrine was built in the first half of the 10th century under the name of Minakami-gû 水上宮 (a generic name for shrines worshipping the dragon god of Water Mikumari no kami 水分神) but got rehabilitated into a Hachiman Shrine during the 11th century. It got its final name in the 13th century after it got renovated to worship the gods of agriculture and the military. 

Its moss-covered stone path and its thatch-roofed shrine (National Important Cultural Property) give this place a timeless atmosphere.


Yutagawa Onsen.jpg

Yutagawa Onsen

Yutagawa Onsen 湯田川温泉


Mizusawa's Kumano Shrine

Mizusawa Kumano-jinja 水沢熊野神社


Thatch-Roofed Shrine

Minakami Hachiman Hondo 水上八幡神社本堂

A National Important Cultural Property.


Minakami-Hachiman in pictures

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