"Forest baths"

Shinrin'yoku 森林浴, the Japanese art of "healing" one's soul in the forests

"Forest baths", known as shinrin'yoku, is a fabulous way to experience the deep connection that binds Japanese people and Nature for millennia. 

Japanese people have been worshipping mountains and forests for as long as Japanese civilization has existed. Wherever there is a mountain, there is a kami (Shinto deity).

Come pay a visit to Tsuruoka's kami by venturing inside the forests and absorb all the good energy that emanate from the trees.

Our recommendations for forest bathing: 


Required time

Kihi Shrine


Where the lovers seal their love for eternity

Kihi Shrine was built in 1337 and worships the god of food. Quite logical for a shrine that is located in the middle of rice fields and close to the sea.


Yura Onsen, Atsumi Onsen

Required time

1 hour

Kumano Shrine


The most scenic place in Yutagawa area

Kumano shrine


Yutagawa Onsen

Required time

30 min - 1 hour

Hakusan shrine


A forest in the middle of the sea

Cross the bridge over the sea that connects Yura's beach to Hakusan-jima islet to discover a small shrine in a forest above the sea.


Yura Onsen

Required time

1 hour - 2 hours

Mt. Haguro's Stairway


The legendary 2446 stone steps

The beautiful cedar alley that received 3 starts in the Green Michelin Guide. You'll find a pilgrim teahouse halfway to the top to take a breath before reaching the top.


Mt. Haguro

Required time

3 hours

Mt. Kinbo


A sacred place of shugendo

This mountain was once an annexed part of Mt. Haguro. It worships the gods of "enmusubi" ("tying links"), and couples like to go there to pray for a happy future. This is where the snow lantern festival takes place in Tsuruoka.


Yutagawa Onsen

Required time

1 hour

Yuzusame Shrine


The forest where lives the goddess of onsen

This shrine worships three gods, including the goddess of onsens. If you wish to take the path behind the shrine, to go further in the forest, bring a bear bell with you. Just in case.


Yutagawa Onsen

Required time

30 min - 1 hour



The Rokujurigoe-kaido Path, a 44km long pilgrimage trail, used by Mt. Yudono's pilgrims for more than 1200 years.

Go see the sokushinbutsu mummies, the dragon god tree, and Mt. Yudono on foot.

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