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Mt. Kinbo




It is said the founder of Shugendo: En no Ozunu, first established this mountain as a place of worship in 672, through the building of Mt. Kinbo's shrine: Kinbôzan-jinja 金峯山神社. The main hall of the shrine got registered in the list of National Important Cultural Properties in 2001 for its importance in the history of the Shugendo religion.

Mt. Kinbo was once an annex of Mt. Haguro's temple until the early 17th century (1624-1643). Mt. Haguro's temples sent their disciples to Mt. Kinbo to preach Haguro's believes to the people of Yutagawa's area.

After 1692, Mt. Kinbo separated itself from Mt. Haguro's doctrine and belonged to the Chisan School of Shingon Buddhism.